Being A Dad Is Brilliant – eBook


The Final Book Cover

‘The first time my wife put the boy to her breast I was expecting some kind of blissful moment. There would choral music in the background.

Cherubs. I was expecting cherubs.

What I wasn’t expecting was the sound of a pig greedily working its way through a pile of wet cabbage leaves.’

Covering the initial six months of fatherhood, Being a Dad is Brilliant is an often offbeat look at the experiences of a first-time dad as he desperately tries to get to grips with fatherhood.

Spoiler alert, he doesn’t.

He does however, have a lot of fun along the way.

Covering such vital topics as:

• When is a good time to take photos of your infant in sunglasses for Instagram?
• The vice like grip of the crab people – does your child have it?
• What happens when babies and cats mix?
• How to bathe a baby without sending them to a watery grave?
• What exactly is ‘Baby Crack’?
• Is it okay to just accept that you are hopelessly besotted with your child rather than blaming it on hormones?

Being A Dad is Brilliant is an unashamed celebration of parenting with anecdotes, poop gags and even some actual advice.



Being A Dad Is Brilliant: The TasteHitch Guide To Parenting is out NOW! 

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