One Year Today

The first post. It was all very serious
The first post. It was all very serious.


Tastehitch has now been ‘a thing’ for one year!

Much has changed in twelve months. I left my twenties behind to grow ever closer to the icy grip of death, had a son (well…by proxy), became a writer of sorts and am preparing to be a dad for the second time.

This humble little blog has changed hugely as well. Indeed, it feels strange to think that one year ago I sat and wrote a post on eggs. Tasty, tasty eggs.

I’d wanted to write something for a while and when I was thinking about a what I would create, I came up with the completely unoriginal, but hopefully successful, idea of a Bangkok-based foodie blog; complete with recipes and restaurant reviews.

It would have been a perfect fit really. I cook almost everyday, love fine foods and can string a sentence together.

And all was well until I documented my attempts to make bread.

It ended up becoming a four part Greek tragedy, complete with malevolent cats, enslaved geckos and a maddened protagonist.

I had such fun writing it (yes I laugh at my own jokes – if I don’t then how can I expect others to?) that I thought I’d branch out into general life in Thailand as an expat, starting with a humorous article on Thai massages.

And then I started writing about the boy and people gave great feedback and so it has become increasingly a blog about being a dad.

Through the process I feel I’ve made friends from every walk of life and all around the world – Lani, Tom, Lynn, Diane and Rob, Keith to name but a few. And just like my real life friends, I’m terrible at keeping in touch.

Tastehitch will no doubt continue to grow and change and become something else as it does. Until then, I’ll continue to write jokes I find funny about subjects I love.

Here’s to the next year, may it continue to be a rather wonderful experience!







3 Replies to “One Year Today”

  1. Ahhh, that explains your picture of eating a burger. I just thought you liked burgers. I think I must have found you (or the other way around) when you were leaving the food phase. Yeah, I’ve been blogging WAY less about teaching (work) and Thai culture. I think it’s natural for blogs to evolve. Happy anniversary!


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