Going to be a daddy…again


The Boy's reaction when we told him.
The Boy’s reaction when we told him.

So the wife and I are expecting baby number two, who will grace our lives (and play merry hell with our sleep patterns) in August.

It’s very exciting and we are really looking forward to our family growing. TasteHitch Towers is growing ever fuller.

I’m going to be writing a number of ‘How To’ style posts when it comes to parenting – in part so IΒ remember some of the things that I encountered as a dad but also because many of the articles on this kind of stuff are very sincere and earnest.

Which is boring.

I’m hoping to have a more lighthearted approach with comedic timing and perfectly placed punctua.tion.

In other news…

I’m also busy (ish) working on ‘Being a Dad is Brilliant: Part II’ and have started writing ‘Why Are You Yelling At Me? The TasteHitch Guide To Pregnancy.’ Both should be coming out just before/just after the summer/winter/next year. Probably.

And if that’s not all, I’ve also started to pick up some freelance copywriting work. If you’re interested you can check out my freelance website here. It’s in its infancy but I’m hoping to build the portfolio section over the next few months.

If you would like to help me build that portfolio section then feel free to commission me.

Here ends the announcement…








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