Awards Season

Well tickle a badger and call me Sally, I’ve been nominated two blogging awards recently. I know this doesn’t translate into instant riches and fame (mores the pity) but it does make me go all warm and glowing inside.

Like tea.

I’ll deal with the awards in order of being nominated – the other award may make an appearance next week but they do take a chuffing long time to write.


Firstly, from the rather marvellous Akansha (who writes beautifully and has excellent teeth…probably) is the Premio Dardos award. I was nominated a while ago for this but have only just got around to writing the post. Mainly due to work. Stupid work.

The Premio Dardos award is…


I like the fact that I have been nominated for an award that prizes literary merit and ethics when goodness in one so often means badness in the other.

In any case…

I have done ten. It’s supposed to be fifteen but ran out of steam and the boy is crying and I need to make lunch.


Teaching Wanderlust is a great blog about travelling and teaching. It is a subject very close to my heart as that’s what I do. Amanda writes fantastically well and really captures both the wide-eyed excitement of travelling somewhere and the day-to-day existence that is expat life.

There’s No War In World is another expat blog but this one is in Japan. I love the country and I love the simple beauty of the images and poems that Tammy writes. It’s like an online Zen garden.

I like beer (as my head this morning will attest) and I am a dad (head further abused by noisy child) so it’s hard not to like Beer, Dad and Rock and Roll. He writes some cool stuff about being a dad and other random things that pop into his head (like listing bald men with pony tails as people he’d like to punch in the head). He’s been quiet recently. Too quiet if you ask me. It’s suspicious.

A parenting blog from the other side of the gender divide (which should be a Riot Grrl song but isn’t) is A Momma’s View. She homeschools her kids and her blog is a fascinating look at her daily life in Australia. Often poignant, it is well worth a read.

Yet another parenting blog that I’m a big fan of is UnderDaddy. He is very, very funny and makes great reading. Go check him out.

Wightstiches is a wonderful blog about crafting and knitting on the Isle of Wight. I used to be able to see the needles from my bedroom window when I was a kid so we’re practically related. The blog is a gentle reminder of a world where people make things rather than just consume them. It’s lovely.

Despite not making a sausage sandwich this morning I’m going to nominate Anna at Sailing Of A Teacup. Yes she is married to me, the poor thing, but I nominate on merit rather than the resulting tubes of meat held between bread being proffered by her for lunch in recognition of my kindness. Her blog is rather brilliant and she is exceptionally modest about it. Please go and like all her stuff.

Slow Mum In Cambridge writes about being, well, a slow mum. Not as in dim. Having been a dad for around nine months now I can appreciate how quickly children grow and how fast their childhoods can disappear into – don’t say it in front of a mirror – the teens. Being a slow parent is about taking time to play and be with your kids, to not rush them, to enjoy their company. Also, she has a picture of a tortoise riding another tortoise, like some kind of tortoise overlord. You can’t ask for better entertainment than than.

Nutsrok writes beautifully gentle stories, often with the soft brush of humour. They are very well worth reading and taking time to let your mind wonder about them. Great stuff!

Another blog that I have been curiously absent on but needs to have everyone in the world go and see is HookieBee. This is another crafty blog from the UK and is wonderful in is calmness. I said once that it was the perfect antidote to a crazy Bangkok day and it really is.

Please go and have a look at these wonderful blogs, they are well worth it!


18 Replies to “Awards Season”

  1. Congratulations Sir, you are extremely worthy of any and all awards that may come your way, but I am extra happy to see that you now have a Premio Dardos Award, which means you and I share in that one, all the way to having been nominated by the same wonderful young lady. 🙂 I am a little curious as to when your young one is getting his first Blog set up, so that your family can be among the first to win the prestigious Family Triple Crown of Blogging Award (which I just invented 😉 ).

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  2. Thank you for the kind words about Teaching Wanderlust. I love teaching overseas and reading blogs written by others with the same position. I will work on a proper “acceptance” post this weekend!


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