Happy New Year!


Top fact: January is named after Janus, the Roman god of transitions and beginnings (and also the name Sean Bean’s character takes in Goldeneye). He is often depicted as having two faces (the god, not Sean Bean) and is supposed to represent the dualistic nature of this time of year – the simultaneous looking back and forwards.

I think this is an important thing to do. It gives us a chance to consider what worked and didn’t from the previous year, where we’re heading in the upcoming year and whether or not there will be tiffin.

God, I hope there’s tiffin.

Looking back at 2014 makes me realise quite how full on it has been. I started this blog, lost a load of weight, wrote a book, drove through most of Thailand, travelled, lived through a military coup, learnt how to play Van Halen’s Jump on guitar and became a dad. Those last two were by far the hardest.

A good year I think.

This year will be just as mad I don’t doubt and, whilst I don’t really do resolutions, I have a few things I’d like to get out of the next 12 months:

Write More.

I have two novels in various states of development (read, barely formed ideas in my head) and I’d like to get them going. One is about two idiots who accidentally start a religion – comedy ensues – and the other is about a smart-mouthed Dutch trader in the Napoleonic wars. Less comedy but more buckling of swash.

I’m also hoping to do the second part of the Being a Dad book not least because the person who reviewed the book on amazon said they wanted more. Thank you – whomsoever you are.

This blog as well will hopefully continue in the eclectic write-all it has become. It’s funny to think that I first posted in April (when I was still in my twenties!) and that I’d hoped to keep this space as a food blog. I should probably post some more recipes at some point, just to show willing. Over time it has morphed into a travel/parenting/expat thing with jokes and diagrams.

Be A Good Dad.

There’s a whole heap of unwritten loading in that statement. Being a ‘good dad’ is so open to interpretation and has such inferred values attributed to it that it can be hard to define what that actually is.

To my mind, if I make sure that I am always around to be involved in his growing up, able to put aside work or writing to play with him and take on my fair share of the messy end of the parenting thing, then I’ve done pretty well.

Plan the Next Adventure?

In a year’s time we will be looking at whether we renew our contracts in Bangkok or decide to move on. It’s a hard decision to make, especially now with a family, but it allows us to make a big call on where we want the boy to grow up.

In any case, we will be having some quite long and serious chats about it.

Thanks to everyone for coming over to this site throughout 2014. It has been great to watch this site grow and become what it is. Hopefully I’ll see everyone here throughout 2015 as well.

Happy New Year!


11 Replies to “Happy New Year!”

  1. I loved learning about January! And I find your resolutions to be very down to earth and capable of reaching. Too many have too high standards and allow themselves to set up for failure, something to the effect of self-fulfilling prophesy. Keep blogging!



  2. What an amazing journey for 2014 and thanks for the info on January, I’ll use it next game of trivia I enjoy. Also, thanks for stopping by the Cow Pasture. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and look forward to more conversations.


  3. Hey there and happy 2015
    Funny; I was just thinking of you yesterday; good to see you again and thanks for checking in with us

    Your 2014 starts to sound a bit like mine; I did lose weight and get fit and start a blog. But of course then we go in opposite directions. If I became a father it would have to be through divine intervention since my Jewish guilt would never allow me to cheat even if I wanted to.

    We didn’t drive through Thailand but I did tag along to a convention in Clearwater Beach, Florida and lay on the beach while DIane was bored to death in the conference room. Also went to Disneyland (again) with her sister’s family and of course, managed to get to Canada for holidays one last time which solidified the “cold sucks” theory that one tends to forget when removed form -25C for a few years

    2015 looks to be our big year. The house is being listed in March; we spend weekends packing whatever we want to keep (not much) and selling most of the shit on that app I wrote about. The MM2H would be a given if not for their stupid new rule where they “select” a few applications and want your financial institution to re-conform what you already sent them in the application package. But we’re filing anyway, driving to Canada in June to give the car to the in-laws and will have to go somewhere after we’ve outstayed our welcomes with everyone we know in Canada (probably 3 or 4 weeks).

    We did meet an awesome couple in a similar situation online whop’s filing next month and generously offered to let us stay with them initially in Ipoh (2 hours from Penang) if they arrive before us. His wife is Singaporean and they have friends there so that would help us get accustomed

    And of course, should the visa still not be approved after 90 days in Malaysia, I guess we’ll come knocking on your door since Thailand is still Plan B. That is, if you teach us to be nannies ;lol ( Just kidding; we’ll only come to say hello)

    We hope your year is awesome and if you saty in Thailand, we must meet during our first trip there for some tea (you Brits live that, right?)

    Rob and Diane

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    1. Ah you’d be more than welcome – as long as you can deal with the high pitched screams of a mini-Bruce Dickenson.

      Still hoping you guys get the dream and head to Malaysia. Better pavements. 😀

      P.S. Yes we love tea – if only the good stuff was cheaper here (Liptons doesn’t count as tea).


      1. Hi there
        Thanks for the invite. WE also hope to make Malaysia and think there’s only a small chance of being denied which would be ridiculous since we have triple the funding they require. But we’re prepared for the worst (kind of)

        Hope fatherhood is great !!


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