Book Is Out!


My book Being A Dad Is Brilliant: The TasteHitch Guide To Parenting is now available to buy on the Kindle Store.

And, quite obviously I really want it to succeed. To help in this process, I’ve been researching how to market produts online.

It turns out that online marketing is a viper pit of frauds, conmen and occasional saints. The amount of people who are offering online courses is frankly absurd. I saw one which was an online course on how to sell your online course.

At what point does this rush to market the marketers inadvertently create a singularity of bullcrap which sucks the world into it ending all life forever? I reckon Tuesday. Wednesday at the outside.

Anyway, I could scoff at these people.

…Or I could join them!



I will show you – for free – how to market your eBooks in a number of styles. I call this the Pentagram of Holistic Sales Uprating Focus. Or something.

The Guilt Trip.

If you don’t buy my book not only are you a bad parent but I’m a bad parent! I could have been spending time with my child rather than writing it! Or I could have gone out for dinner! Either applies!

The Shouty.


The British (long version).

I have a favour to ask.

My book has been realised for sale on the Kindle store and it needs a bit of help, you see.

If you so happen to be a new parent, know a new parent and want to buy them a gift or if you would just like to see silly old me smile a little then please tootle over at your leisure to the emporium of everything and the lovely folks at amazon will help.

I really would appreciate it hugely.

The British (short version).

I’m so dreadfully sorry, do mind awfully popping over to the old amazon website and buying a copy?

Thank you so very much.

The Honest.

Hi, thanks for supporting my blog and hopefully you’ll go and buy my eBook. It’s $0.99 for this week and it would be great if you could write a review on amazon as well.





This will be the last post I write about the book on my main blog here. Normal service due to resume shortly.


18 Replies to “Book Is Out!”

  1. Congrats on getting your first book out! I’ve decided I’m going to stop trying to get it out before I go on holiday and breathe a bit. How was the process for you? Did your wife read it? How about your son? What did he think? 😀


    1. It was okay but became a little stressful towards the end. The formatting on CreateSpace took longer than I expected.

      The wife laughed even though she knew the stories which I take as a positive.

      I think he’ll be upset that he doesn’t get to dribble on something.

      I considered taking a break but managed to free up Yesterday and decided to go for it. If I’m honest, I might have never done it if I procrastinated any longer. It’s quite scary publishing something…:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agree. I formatted (I hope) things correctly for CreateSpace and Kindle, but until I get that book cover just right, I suppose I won’t know. It really is a lot of details and time.

        But since I did an audio version, I’m still trying to edit that. Definitely a learning experience and made mistakes along the way…but I’m super excited that I’m on the home stretch.

        It’s funny that we have done this around the same time! Good luck 😀


      2. And to you!

        I know – I think it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages and the blog gave me the motivation. People seemed to like what I was doing so I thought why not give it a bash.

        You really only have yourself to blame 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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