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Rough edit of the front cover.
Rough edit of the front cover.

As with all of these types of things I tend to leave them to the last minute. The increased sense of pressure makes me actually get the job done rather than research the genealogy of Siamese cats on Wikipedia.

True to form, I thought I could throw something together in twenty minutes that would sum up the book and then knock off for the day and head to the pub.

After a brief comment chat with fellow Thai blogger (and all round nice person) Lani though, I got the sneaking suspicion that it would be harder then I initially thought.

Three days in and I think I’m just about there with an idea.

However, feedback would be appreciated.

Does it make you want to read more? Would you buy it based on what you read? Would you give it as a gift? Should it be like a parenting version of Thug Kitchen where I talk about the relative merits of own brand zinc-oxide cream but litter it with unnecessary profanities which somehow makes the internet go off its collective tits?

Not bitter…

‘The first time my wife put the boy to her breast I was expecting some kind of blissful moment. There would choral music in the background.

Cherubs. I was expecting cherubs.

What I wasn’t expecting was the sound of a pig greedily working its way through a pile of wet cabbage leaves.’

Covering the initial six months of fatherhood, Being a Dad is Brilliant is an offbeat look at the experiences of a first-time dad. It come’s full of advice, anecdotes and poo jokes.

Actually, it’s mainly poo jokes if I’m honest.  

Exploring such vital topics as:

When is a good time to take photos of your infant in sunglasses for instagram?
The vice like grip of the crab people – does your child have it?
What happens when babies and cats mix?
How to bathe a baby without sending them to a watery grave?
What exactly is ‘Baby Crack’?
Is it okay to just accept that you are hopelessly besotted with your child rather than blaming it on hormones?

Being a Dad is Brilliant: The TasteHitch Guide to Parenting is out next week.

15 Replies to “Book Blurb”

  1. Love the idea by Underdaddy … perhaps capitalise ‘Being’ .’Dad’ and ‘Brilliant’ too?…. content is fab and I love your ‘internet going off it’s tit’s’ comment!!!! 😀


  2. I actually like the cover as it is. You’re sooo lucky. I don’t like mine yet. Wahhhh! Your blurb is also good.

    ‘What I wasn’t expecting the sound of a pig greedily working its way through a pile of wet cabbage leaves.’

    Should it be “What I wasn’t expecting was the sound…”?

    Anywho…I think you did a very good job of giving us a feel of what the book is going to be about and I like your humor. Although, if you want my 2 cents (nope, put it away, lady), I think you can go over it again and make it even funnier and better. Just tweak it out – a tinnie winnie bit. Cause it’s all there.

    Good stuff! 😀 ❤ the vital topics you'll be covering!

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    1. Yes it should. I noticed it in the manuscript when i copied it over but didn’t change it here for reasons unknown. Cheers for the heads up.

      As for your two cents (or pence as we say) please let me know what you think!

      Will tweak this afternoon. Possibly whilst i twerk.

      Thanks 🙂

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    1. Hey, just wanted to say I did take on your advice and kicked around some ideas to make it less ‘antiseptic’ and whilst I agree, it is a little sterile for the content, the combined forces of time and my lack of ability to form any better ideas led me to the cover it has.

      But thanks so much for your input – I didn’t want you to think I ignored you – it was massively appreciated.:D

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  3. Very funny about the pig in cabbages.

    You don’t need the cherubs line in the blurb because you already have “bliss” + “choral music”. The cherubs are overkill.

    Also funnier if you take out “if I’m honest”. We already get that, so funnier if we can drop our own pennies.

    Cover better with light bulb.

    With changes, I would buy this book.


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