Black Wolf Blogger Award – Huzzah!

Not sure these images match…sod it, who cares.

Well paint me purple and call me Mister Whimplestone (a very common saying in Britain, you should totally use it if you visit – people would be all like ‘woah, you know the Whimplestone’ and buy you free drinks all night. Promise).

I have been very kindly nominated for a blogging award by rather splendid (and undoubtedly very attractive) Michael over at asmukti. I was so surprised at the nomination, I initially thought it had brought on a bought of indigestion. It turns out it was a real emotion that had broken through my British reserve.

asmukti is a great blog which makes me miss home more than I’d care to admit. Beautifully written with some glorious photos, a fantastic read.

I haven’t been blogging all that long so many of these blogs are new to me but I’m kind of blown away by already.

The rules for the award are:

1) The nominee shall display the respective logo on her/his blog.

2) The nominee shall nominate ten (10)  bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

The people I want to nominate for the award are:

1. Lani over at funny, thoughtful, consistently interesting. She explores expat life from a perspective of someone who has roots in two cultures. This dual view makes her writing fresh and fairly unique. If you have a few hours kicking your heals, head over and fill your bloggy boots – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2. Can’t help but admire the guys over at who are travelling around with young kids. Truly an inspirational story of ‘what if’, ‘sod it’ and ‘let’s go’. I feel they see the sights with their children’s perspective which makes it seem so enthusiastic and exciting. I hope I do something like this when The Boy is older.

3. What do you do when faced with redundancy in middle age? Pack up and move to Malaysia of course. Well, if the government will let you that is. A blog about how to make lemonade when the universe is dumping crates of lemons at your door. The excitement of Rob and Diane leaps off the screen and nothing seems to truly get them down – even less than successful garage sales. I wish them every success and will following their exploits over at

4. Sarah blogs about running in Bangkok at and it’s a joy to read. Exercising in the tropics is frankly, rubbish but this never seems like a whiney blog about how hard it is. A big fan of anyone who has attempted the sniff test on Bangkok post-work-out clothes (don’t try this – it will ruin your nasal passages for the best part of a month).

5. I really like reading about expat experiences around the world and one of the best I’ve seen from outside of Thailand is from Judi at Compelling reading with musings, jokes and even the odd local recipes thrown in for good measure, it shows an often light-hearted look at life in Sweden.

6. For a combination of joyous writing and utterly stunning photography from around South East Asia and beyond, you’d be hard pushed to do do better than Pennyro’s Just go there. Now. No really. Go now. I’ll wait for you.

7. A man who likes meat more than me (and that takes some doing) is Mr Fitz at His posts always inspire me to cook some massive feast with huge slabs of dead animal as a centrepiece. This is another blog that always succeeds in making me miss Blighty, especially when talking about home made pork scratchings.

8. Another food blog that I love is A huge variety of just absolutely delicious yummyness. Her food photography is so good I would lick my screen if the wife wasn’t around.

9. is about Kylie (who is from Cornwall) and blogs about her adventures teaching English on Phuket. Another travel writing/photography blog but with some great tips on teaching too. I love her style and I admire anyone who more West Country than I. Which is pretty damn West Country.

10. Another Brit living the expat life (and another West Country chap – clearly fertile ground for adventurers) blogging at this blog looks at life in America, what it is to be an expat and the differences in US and UK culture. His post on autumn made me damn near pack up, fly home, grab some wellies and go splashing in puddles with a jumper on.



6 Replies to “Black Wolf Blogger Award – Huzzah!”

  1. Well done Sir, and congratulations on the award. I’ve checked out a few of your nominations, and will be following both CornishKylie and SingingInTheLifeboats.I let them know that it was you who sent me by, so if they should get together and hire a hitman to come visit you, just remember, it was your idea to tell me about them. Lol. Actually, thanks very much, both of those sites, and your own included, all strike me as amazing. Congratulations once more, and we’ll see you again.

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