Intermission: A Change In Direction

Well I suppose it has been a while since I actually wrote anything.

It isn’t that I have given up on this blogging lark it was just Copyright:,d.c2E&psig=AFQjCNHAwkd_HVtTBKHdmSuMziVwQkzY4Q&ust=1411296526348036that being a dad was taking up quite a lot of time. Also work keep demanding that I go and actually work rather than my preferred occupation of sitting in my pants drinking tea. This, coupled with the fact that I’m now on a serious health kick (writing about the relative merits of protein powders after banishing all the interesting foods from the kitchen isn’t really me) meant that TasteHitch had taken something of a back seat. So back seat, in fact, that it could rightly be said to have been abandoned at the service station after the last loo break.

However, I still want to maintain the blog – I enjoy the process of writing and I like the people I have encountered online who are also trying to carve out a little blogging niche to call their own.

A quandary then.

Well, not really. TasteHitch will live on but not just as a food blog. There will be more travel stuff, observations on Thailand, being a new dad, the occasional humorous rant and most likely some nice pictures what I done took. I’ll keep posting recipes and promise to not make any mention of kale smoothies, how much I’m craving craft beer or why Fifer Scissors are the unholiest thing to enter the ken of man since Aqua’a seminal 1997 hit Barbie Girl.

Which is now in your head.

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