Buttered Carrots

Yes, these are really easy. Yes, they can be made with honey, thyme and various herbs and spices. No, I’m not doing that. If you get your hands on good carrots why bother dumping a load of overpowering flavours on them? I like carrots that taste really carroty and I think this brings out that flavour perfectly.


carrots (enough to feed everyone)

Don’t peel those carrots! You’ll lose the lovely colour and turn miss out on bags of flavour. Under running water, scrub them with the scrubbing side of a scouring sponge until they are bright and free of dirt. If they have some green still attached then leave about a centimetre or two at the top. Don’t chop them up. Leave them gloriously whole.

In a large pan salt some water and put the carrots in. Lid on and boil them for around 20 minutes or so. Remove and allow to dry (but not cool down too much) on a folded tea-towel/kitchen paper.

On a medium heat melt a good knob of butter in a frying pan until bubbling (not too vigorous or you’ll burn the butter) and put the carrots in. Sprinkle some salt (if you’ve used salted butter then be careful no to over season) and a few good twists of black pepper. Turn them every now and again to stop them burning. This should take about 10 minutes or so.

Serve immediately. When you cut into the carrot it should be gently soft – like butter.

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  1. you can also make sugared carrots, when you caramelize the sugar wich give the carrots an extra sweetness (to their natural one). Suits well with red meat in redwine sauce (which is a littler bitter so you have a nice contrast. 🙂

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